Saturday, August 05, 2006

Breaking News: Gerald capitulated at the inaugural SICC Kaya Toast Eating Competition by half a toast to a relatively unknown 14 year old whom can only be described to be a featherweight compared to the gigantic monstrosity of his opponent.

No DVD player; I feel cheated; made a fool of myself and my digestive system’s going crazy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Ok, lesson learned, never mention sin at an ice-cream joint. You’ll utterly embarrass yourself.

Gerald: I’ll have the sundae.
Counter Girl: Toppings?
Gerald: erm..
Counter Girl: Fudge or Caramel?
Gerald (Bewildered Pause): Fudge, I guess.
Counter Girl: Sprinkled or laced?
Gerald: Huh?
Counter Girl: Sprinkled?
Gerald: Erm (Pause), ya ok la.

(She prepares the ice-cream prob not knowing that wasn’t exactly what I wanted)

Gerald (Obviously trying real hard to strike a conversation): These things, they’re sinful aren’t they?
Counter Girl (Chirpily): No la, the Vancho Monster is even worst, that is really sinful!


Counter Girl: (Enthusiastically): There is so many of you ar, you all really should try the Vancho Monster, it’s worth it.

Yes, we live in real challenging times where sin is deducted from the amount of calories you consume in your food. We can never say we were spoilt for choice.