Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's gonna be one heck of a semester

Monday, July 02, 2007

Fools, as fools are we

I got a job, I asked for it and I got what I asked for. I can’t put down a precise adjective to my current situation, but ‘mayhem’ comes pretty close to it. Having played the role of a student all my life, the teacher has always seemed a role that was far more liberating. No time tables to follow; no assignments to hand in; no set of silly rules to adhere to and of course a propensity to do as one like. After all, the sadistic streak that exudes from the austere veneer of my Sec 2 Science tutor, perhaps persuaded I that the privileges a teacher enjoyed vis-à-vis his or her students were a fact of life. I certainly thought so.

Fast track eight years and now I stand before a class of students – a teacher. I still bear the same impressions, unfortunately. It is because of that I vowed never to allow any under my tutelage suffer that anguish dictatorial pillage of my self-esteem I received as a student. I was consumed, in my idealism, to perfect myself as the perfect tutor – to give to my students the intellectual freedom they so deserve as young boys. That’s where I forgot which side I was on. I am now the teacher.

Teachers, teachers, horrid creatures.

The creed every student has swore to uphold, to mark his or her teacher’s grave, if need be with insolence and pride. I was battered, scarred, trampled upon. My every sustained effort to counter their ignorant screech was marked by a tumultuous wave of laughter; my every instruction taken as toil upon their senses; my every sensitivity to cover up their ignorance taken as my weakness. What more is left of me to do then to hoist the flag, not the white flag, but my state, my colors. I shall show them no mercy, no quarter, for I shall consume them like air. Yet again, the lines are drawn. This time, I would put those insolent scums in their place.