Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes here we go again, towards the warmth and comfort of Summer

First, our esteemed national carrier has decided to shut off it's operations to Vancouver effective April 25th. This drawback certainly reflects the pathetic state of their finances, and I offer my deepest regrets and wish them well. My only hope is that they will not take away my precious Krisflyer points or stiffen the criteria dictating the redemption process, which is as complicated as it is.

But there is always something good which comes out from even the most dire of circumstances..

So as i struggle to scavenge every detail I could find with regards to my return ticket, I began to see a whole new set of possibilities enacting itself. Apparently, our esteemed national carrier (via Air Canada) has decided to fly us down to the States, from where we can board the flight for Singapore from either Los Angeles or San Francisco, which in itself doesn't present such a negative prospect afterall. Although it translates to a full 24 hours on the plane, and having to go through American Customs.. which can be a real nightmare.

So here's my plan, in view of the unforeseen turn of events, my Summer iteinary would be as such

04May - 12 June: Summer School I
13 June - Exams
14June - Leave for LA
15 June - Leave for Singapore
16 June - Reach Singapore
16 June -whenever - Singapore Singapore Singapore
Sometime in June: Community Service in Cambodia
04 July: Back to Vancouver with Dad
05 July: Summer School II

So yes, LA for a day! For such a negative turn of events, it really doesn't hold such a negative prospect after all.


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