Thursday, December 06, 2007

Her Birthday

A second unfold, a minute uncover
The hand struck twelve, as the hour ceases
24 rounds, a day is woven
By months end, we’ve endured 30.
That’s not all, for 12 months woe
It is a year, for all we yearn and
Disdain for all we’ve lost
But now know you stand for another year
And only the best can be made of it
For this is how life is suppose to be
As the years encompasses the months
The months, the days to come
The hours, as the minutes unravel
And with that, the seconds tick by.
That then we see life go by in a flash
And realize how much we have lost
But for lost to come we first must gain
And gain we have if we do understand
That is life is just this systemic ritual
In which all of us partake without consent
So I guess it’s all in your hands my friend
Just be happy and love life as it is
And that should be our motto and creed
To live it to the full without regrets

Happy Birthday my friend.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Here it comes again, the dreadful hand
Of fate behold, the system molds.
This quarterly exercise, this madness
Takes hold, my mind behold.
My body battered, my soul whimpered
My procrastination rewarded
To the angst of my foes.

This is the time where students go mad
The frantic shuffling of pages,
The ceaseless clatter of the keyboard
This is the time where silence holds sway.
In the cherubim halls of the learned

This is where the best are defined
Where the weak are identified
And arbitrarily rooted
This is the time where society is made
The best become the best.
The weak the scum of our age

This is where the doors of the ivory tower open
Where the learned are inducted, the weak indicted

This is where I stand aloof, and show my disdain for this fucked up system.
This is where I conform and adhere to the road which many took before me.
This is where I am the student, who studies his ass off, just to be what is demanded of me.